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Real Estate Fraudand Abuse

Southern California’s real estate market is dynamic and challenging. Having experienced and knowledgeable legal representation is essential. In real estate transactions, the seller often has more bargaining power because the seller has more knowledge about the property. The seller also has more knowledge related to the legality of his or her attempt to transfer title to real property. Individuals and businesses acquiring real estate can protect their interests by being represented by a real estate attorney with extensive litigation and transactional experience.

In this economic climate there are regrettably many predators seeking to take advantage of unsophisticated homeowners who have had the misfortune of facing foreclosure.Seeking knowledgeable representation is vital to your success in any real estate transaction or conflict. With expert legal guidance on your side, you can ensure that your rights are protected.

California offers many protections to homeowners, including restrictions on home equity sales contracts and foreclosure consultants. If you believe you have been taken advantage of — perhaps you have sold your home for much less than it was worth to avoid foreclosure — you may have a claim against the buyer.

California also has laws to protect the elderly.


It wasn’t long ago that there was turmoil in the mortgage industry. Many loans were approved that should not have been, and quite often fraud was involved. The Law Offices of H. Christopher Coburn can review your file to see if you were a victim of a mortgage predator as well as review your loan file for violations of TILA (Truth in lending) or other state or federal law violations, which might give rise to a case for damages and possibly rescission of the mortgage loan.

If you feel you are the victim of fraud, elder abuse or you believe you have been taken advantage of in some way, give us a call.

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