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Immigration Law

Immigration Law

Immigration Law

The Law Offices of H. Christopher Coburn can assist you and your sponsoring business or corporation in the preparation and filing of Form I-907, the request for expedited processing services of a temporary residence.

Program Electronic Review Management (PERM) Certification Process

Before the Form I-907 can be submitted, the employer must apply for the labor certification. When filing the application, the employer or its attorney submits application form ETA 9089 either through the Internet or via mail. The PERM applications can be submitted online and in most cases will be adjudicated within 3 months.

An approved labor certification is valid for 180 days following approval. It is during this time period that the Form I-140, Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker, must be submitted. If the employer wishes to expedite the process via Form I-907, he or she must also complete and submit the form within the 180 days.

Form I-907

In many cases, when employers request employment authorization or employment-based applications, they need workers and assistance right away. Not having qualified workers for their company can cost them a substantial amount in lost revenues and profits. However, the USCIS process of employment-related petitions can take some time. Employers who are unable to wait can file a Form I-907 to expedite the process.

The Request for Premium Processing Service is not available for all employment-related petitions. However employers applying with the Form I-129 or USCIS Form I-140 usually qualify to apply for Form I-907. This form is filed by visa petitioners such as employers or by authorized attorneys or representatives recognized by the USCIS.

Form I-907 is complex and expensive to file. Filing fees are $1,225 as of March 2011, not including any related costs. Once the form is submitted, there are four possible responses from the USCIS for form I-907: the USCIS will mail an approval, send a denial, will mail information about a misrepresentation or fraud notice, or will request evidence.

Because the filing of the Form I-907 is complex, time sensitive and expensive, seeking legal counsel is imperative. Please give the Law Offices of H. Christopher Coburn a call.

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