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Foreclosure Defense

Riverside Foreclosure Attorney Service

Our law office is equipped to help homeowners who are in foreclosure find the best solution their situation.  Whether your best course of action is a lawsuit, bankruptcy, or a negotiated work-out with your lender, we will analyze your situation and go over your options with you.

Facing Foreclosure Problems in Riverside

For individuals facing pending foreclosure on a property that is considered their primary place of residence, our experienced foreclosure attorney works with lenders to develop payment strategies that can save both sides from the costly process of foreclosure. We offer legal assistance in foreclosure matters related to:

  • Renegotiating contracts to extend the payback period
  • Requesting a forbearance to reduce or postpone payments
  • Skipping several payments while accruing interest
  • Making reduced payments over a short period of time
  • Discounting loan amounts so payments may be brought current

In the event renegotiation or forbearance is unavailable, we are also available to help guide clients through a possible “short sale”. Under this option, selling a home may be more desirable to a client in order to avoid negative credit feedback and possibly receive relocation funds in a maximum amount of $15,000.00. Clients can benefit from a fresh start, untarnished by a foreclosure.

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