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Please take note that on December 1, 2015, the United States Bankruptcy Court of the Central District of California, made significant changes to the bankruptcy petition forms. If the improper forms are used in your bankruptcy filing, your case may be at risk of being dismissed.

Bankruptcy is a major decision facing a growing number of Americans. When you’re considering bankruptcy, it’s common to feel overwhelming grief and fear. When the reality is, bankruptcy can be a fresh beginning. There are many benefits to declaring bankruptcy. You can relieve yourself of the threatening, harassing phone calls, the never-ending stream of collection letters and bills, the emotional damage caused by debt, and you can relinquish all the stress and worry that has been weighing you down.

Bankruptcy allows you the possibility for a clean slate and the ability to move forward.

Our office offers experienced and personalized legal services to consumers and businesses struggling with debt. Your initial consultation can provide you with options about filing bankruptcy. It is an important step to take to gain financial relief and start anew on your finances. Consulting with the Law Offices of H. Christopher Coburn can be the first responsible step to finding peace of mind and financial stability once again.


Chapter 7 bankruptcy is one of the most common types of bankruptcy for individuals, but may also be used by businesses. When you can’t pay bills like credit cards, medical bills, or loans, Chapter 7 bankruptcy might allow you to be “discharged” of your legal obligations to pay and allow you to get a fresh start. Not everyone is eligible to qualify for Chapter 7. Contact the Law Offices of H. Christopher Coburn to see if you are eligible.


While this type of bankruptcy is designed for an individual with a steady source of income, it can also be used by small businesses. If you are able to pay a portion of your debts, but not all of them, or you can’t pay in the manner your creditors demand or as fast as they want, then Chapter 13 might be best option for you.

With Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you can pay off debts under a repayment plan, with the aim of preserving assets. This filing can help you stop foreclosures and repossessions. If you are able to make payments, filing under Chapter 13 can help you pay what you can afford and protect as much property as possible.

Our firm provides experienced and effective legal help to individuals who are suffering financially.

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