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Riverside Asset Protection / Estate Planning Attorney

The law permits you to build a defense against a creditor’s seizure of your property. If you don’t, the law permits a creditor to seize your property.

The goal of asset protection is to reduce your lawsuit profile yet allow you to maintain control. We accomplish this by designing strategies which provide you with control and provide you with a defense in depth. We implement our strategies using a variety of techniques, entities, and trusts. Winning the lawsuit no longer means your creditor will be able to collect his award. You no longer stand unprotected. You are no longer an easy target. Your attractiveness as a lawsuit target is reduced. If you are sued, your asset protection provides you with a favorable settlement.

Well drafted trusts form the foundation of asset protection planning. Trusts are used to conserve and protect property. Certain types of trusts also provide creditor protection. Your living trust provides no creditor protection. In certain states referred to as Domestic Asset Protection Trust states (e.g., Alaska, Delaware, and Nevada) and in certain foreign jurisdictions, you can set up a trust for your benefit which will be protected against your creditors. In most states you will not be protected.

If the thought of being left with nothing but a suitcase is causing you too much pain, a wealth protection plan can protect your business and personal assets. Our litigious society is populated by ethically challenged plaintiffs and their attorneys. Are you likely to get sued? The harsh reality is that many, if not most, of the 70,000 civil lawsuits filed every day in America target small business owners and medical professionals. Imagine life without worry when you know your assets are secured and your retirement cannot be destroyed!

Here are just a few of the benefits of an asset protection plan:

  • Your business and personal assets are protected.
  • Your business and family stress is gone.
  • You will sleep easy.
  • Your retirement will be assured.
  • Your child’s college money is protected.

In today’s world, with the current state of the legal system, you need not do anything wrong to be sued. You need only through hard work to create a decent net worth to attract a predatory creditor and his 40% contingency fee attorney to get sued. You will attain peace of mind knowing that your hard earned assets will not be taken from you, your retirement will not be destroyed, and you will be able to sleep easy with the knowledge that your and your family’s assets are protected and you and your spouse’s retirement is assured. It is crucial to your benefit that you act right away.

Asset protection is not:

  • Hiding assets. Hiding assets could involve perjury and have criminal implications.
  • An excuse to defraud creditors.
  • Evading taxes.

However, asset protection can provide:

  • Security by structuring assets to make them unattractive and unreachable by creditors.
  • Privacy by reducing the indicators of wealth appearing in public records and private financial statements.
  • Security. The less you own, the less you worry. Control everything, own little or nothing.


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