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Loan Modification

Has your mortgage become unmanageable and left you at risk of foreclosure? You may be able to save your home with a home loan modification. This process involves negotiating with your lender to change your mortgage terms, so that you can manage your mortgage and stay in your home. A home loan modification can also stop the foreclosure process, giving you more time to get current on your mortgage.

Loan Modification Steps

An experienced loan modification attorney can analyze your situation and help you decide which course of action is best for you. If a loan modification is your best course of action, an attorney can help you prove your hardship and negotiate better terms. A lawyer can review your situation, audit your loan documents, and see if your lender has violated lending laws, such as RESPA or TILA. Violations can be used as leverage for negotiation or might be the basis of legal action if that is a good course of action for you. 

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