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Injury Claims

For over 20 years the Law Offices of H. Christopher Coburn have provided Southern Californians effective, results-oriented representation at affordable rates.

We are pleased to offer reasonable and cost effective legal solutions to individual, family and business problems.  Our clients have come to trust our highly effective legal representation coupled with thoughtful, meticulous and candid legal advice.

In two decades of working with people just like you, we have developed a unique consumer friendly and highly successful legal practice. You benefit because we understand that:

1.  Formal litigation is not always in the best interests of our clients.
2.  Cases can often be settled with excellent results at substantial cost savings.
3.  And yes, we will even tell you if your legal concerns do not require an attorney.
4.  However, in instances where litigation is necessary, please be assured that we will aggressively assert each and every claim, or defense available to you under the law.

If you are looking for successful experienced attorneys with affordability in mind-your search ends with a telephone call to our offices today.